Solicitors and Court of Protection Deputies

We recognise that there is often a need for solicitors to obtain clarity and insight into psychological issues concerning their clients. Whether this be advice/opinion regarding a client’s mental capacity or questions relating to their mental health condition and specialist therapeutic input we can assist.  We would encourage you contact us if you:

  • Require psychological consultancy, advice or a second opinion on a proposed treatment plan

  • Would like to organise a presentation/seminar or workshop for your organisation/team regarding an area of particular psychological relevance e.g. mental capacity, communicating effectively with clients and working with complicated family groups

  • Would like to arrange a clinical training session for your client's support team (see case manager training services for potential topics which may apply)

Training topics Overview

  • 20 years’ clinical experience across NHS and private settings treating a variety of complex mental health conditions

  • Extensive experience of teaching, training & team working

  • Thoughtful and meticulous preparation to ensure all content is specific to your requirements

  • A track record of delivering cost effective clinical training


Benefits of using Psychology Chartered


In the first instance we would kindly ask you email or call us on 02392 377399 to discuss how Psychology Chartered can assist. Once we have clarified the nature of the work involved we can outline costs.  Our approach and philosophy prioritises accessibility, highest clinical standards and cost efficiency.

What to do next

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