Psychology chartered is now offering clinical training and supervision opportunities to professionals from the education sector.  Our expertise is broad, including adult and child/adolescent specialists assisting with:-

  • Difficulties understanding and managing challenging behaviours

  • Clinical support/supervision to manage your and your teams psychological wellbeing e.g. stress and anxiety levels potentially causing “burn out”, sickness and absence

  • Improving communication e.g. listening skills and motivational interviewing, to improve pupil engagement and improve pupil behaviour

  • Increasing awareness of the early signs of a variety of mental health disorders

  • Learning how to enhance the social and learning experiences of pupils with mental health difficulties

Training Course Overview

  • 20 years’ clinical experience in both NHS and private settings across a range of complex mental health conditions

  • A personal service ensuring all training content is specifically tailored to the experiences of staff and pupils at your school/college

  • Offering your staff clinical expertise to support them with their own psychological well-being and consequently reducing the likelihood of 'burn-out', long term sickness and absence

  • Cost effective for the organisation with tangible performance indicators

Benefits of working with Psychology Chartered


In the first instance we would kindly ask you email or call us on 02392 377399 to discuss how Psychology Chartered can best serve your request. Once we have obtained the nature of the work involved we can give you an indication of cost but we would stress that we ensure cost efficiency.

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