Training courses for Case Managers & Teams

It’s nice to attend a training event where everything covered is entirely relevant to you
— Sam, support worker

Psychology Chartered offers a new, client-centred approach to training for care teams supporting individuals with a brain injury.  Case Managing clients and families with complex, long term conditions can be personally and professionally challenging.  However, finding relevant, cost effective psychological support and training bespoke to your client is often impossible.

Training needs that might arise within your teams are:

  • Difficulties motivating the client to engage in therapeutic activities and rehabilitation
  • Managing challenging behaviours with clients living in the community e.g. antisocial behaviour, impulsivity, disinhibition and aggression
  • Understanding and recognising behaviours associated with brain injury and responding/supporting appropriately and safely
  • Finding ways of communicating sensitive feedback to the client, e.g. issues relating to their personal hygiene, sexual health or social relationships
  • Increasing staff's understanding and ability to form positive and healthy relationships with a client’s family
  • Developing resilience to improve staff retention and development
  • Positively influencing a client’s low mood and sustaining relationships

Whilst the areas listed above are by no means exhaustive, our bespoke training provides a unique opportunity to ensure training is focused on your client. We undertake substantial preparation pre-event, speaking to case managers and support staff to get a clear understanding of the issues and topics that will determine the content on the training session(s). With a key emphasis on ensuring all our training sessions are dynamic and interactive, it is critical to us that all scenarios and examples designed for group exercises are based on the teams actual experiences.

We provide evidence based approaches with emphasis on practical skills development, building confidence/reslience and immediately applying new skills to the next shift with the client.

Training Course Overview

  • Clinical training for teams without access to neuropsychology advice, support and training
  • Training designed to cover specific areas identified by the case manager and professionals
  • Cost effective training tailoured to the team/service and budget
  •  Utilising feedback, recognising that all staff are different
  • Clinical support for staff who may be demoralised, burnt out,  improving staff retention
  • Access for staff to access FREE peer support events hosted by PC

Benefits to a PC bespoke training session


In the first instance we would kindly ask you to email our Assistant Psychologist Paul with a brief outline of the training need your team possesses. Paul will then arrange a convenient to time to speak with you to obtain a few other details about both the client and the team as well as discuss suitable venues and dates. Paul will also ask for contact details of members of the team to communicate with them directly in order to prepare appropriate course materials.

How to organise a PC bespoke event

We simply require the use of a projector and screen, particularly if working with a group of 8 or more. Conversely, if this is problematic with regards to sourcing or producing significant cost implications this can be discussed and resolved easily. Lastly we ask for a suitable room which can comfortably accommodate the numbers of staff attending plus our two trainers. We bring our own pack lunch and encourage staff to the do the same as we like to adopt a very informal working lunch structure to ensure we maximise our time, which has worked well to date.

What we require

For a 4 hour bespoke session we charge a flat fee of £500 (plus travel expenses which we endeavour to keep as minimal as possible) this includes:

  • Pre-event preparation communicating with case manager and staff
  • Preparation of slides and delegate packs
  • Delivery of a 4 hr session led by a Neuropsychologist and Assistant Psychologist
  • A maximum group of 12 support workers (approx £40 each)
  • Delegate certificate
  • Follow up email support post event to check progress

*if you would like a bespoke training session but have a very small team we will offer a reduced fee to ensure we maintain cost efficiency. Mention this in your email to Paul.

We also host regular FREE peer support events every 4 months which we encourage support staff to attend. These provide an excellent opportunity to meet other care professionals across a large geographical area as well as engage in clinical workshops on topics suggested by care staff and delivered by Clinical Psychologists and Neuropsychologists.


In the first instance we would kindly ask you email or call our assistant psychologist Paul Walshe on 02392 377399 to discuss how Psychology Chartered can best serve your request. Once we have obtained the nature of the work involved we can give you an indication of cost but we would stress that we ensure cost efficiency.

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