Psychology Chartered Team Leader Mentoring

I was surprised at how much we were able to cover in four hours. I feel I have learned some new techniques which I can use on my next shift with the client.
— Helen, Team Leader

Since we began offering training, we have enjoyed working with a number of care teams across the south of England specialising in supporting individuals who have sustained an acquired brain injury, often providing 24/7 care with in the clients own home. Whilst the opportunity to support someone with an ABI to become as independent as is realistically possible, coupled with maintaining their happiness and wellbeing, can be extremely rewarding we also appreciate the pressures and obstacles this can bring. These challenges can often be experienced most by the team leader tasked with managing the team day to day.

At Psychology Chartered we have clinicians who possess first-hand experience of managing care teams as a team leader and therefore are extremely familiar and empathetic with the challenges they may be facing. We can fully understand why a Team Leader may have thoughts such as “Am I doing this right?” or “Am I experienced enough?” as well as feel slightly isolated at times despite often having an approachable and supportive case manager. Additionally we also acknowledge that obtaining funds for team training can be difficult and usually present a significant expense for your client. We hope that by dedicating our resources and time to team leaders we can support and empower them to address issues within the team as they arise, ensuring good levels of staff retention which in turn reduces ongoing recruitment costs.

Whilst this should not be considered an exhaustive list, we can offer substantial support to Team Leaders in the following areas regardless of their level of experience:

  • Managing transition from support worker to Team Leader

  • Managing rotas & procedures for staff cover/leave

  • Choice and use of language when delivering staff supervisions

  • Ensuring supervisions are framed correctly to staff for optimum productivity

  • Providing clinical supervision for Team Leaders

  • Review and feedback on teams observation notes/daily logs

  • Identifying techniques to empower team leaders to delegate tasks to team members

  • Developing Team Leader confidence

  • Reviewing effectiveness of day to day procedures and corresponding paperwork (i.e. staff cleaning rota, petty cash, financial recording, staff food shopping)

  • Developing and improving the efficiency of staff handovers

  • Addressing how we manage, communicate and interact with clients family

Mentoring Overview

We offer packages of five hours one to one support for team leaders. These hours can be used flexibly by the team leader to effectively work around their schedule and needs. The cost for a five hour package is £500 +vat and we do offer a subsidised rate should you feel you would benefit from more than five. Conversely, if you feel your team leader requires less than five hours we can also accommodate this.


To arrange Team Leader mentoring, or should you have any questions or wish to find out more concerning how Psychology Chartered could support your team leader please contact us at who will be able to provide more information.

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