Psychology Chartered Training - Specialist training tailored to you, your client and your resources

Training can represent different things to different people. For some it’s an exciting chance to develop knowledge and skills, for others it’s a welcome diversion from the rigours of work. Some perceive it as an intrusion or inconvenience, wasting valuable time. Over many years, we have experienced a wide variety of training over many hours. Inevitably, for some of these hours our curiosity and creativity was crushed by relentless power-point or the important messages simply lost in translation.

At Psychology Chartered we feel passionately that our training must capture the specific needs of our audience whilst all the time ensuring engagement, participation and enjoyment. We pride ourselves on listening to clients both before and after delivering training and ensuring that this carries over to the preparation of training. Our bespoke events tailor psychological evidence, theories and skills around individual clients and teams.

If you feel your team or organisation would benefit from a Psychology Chartered training event, or if you simply wish to initially talk your ideas through we would encourage you to contact us.

I liked the fact they (Psychology Chartered) take the time to find out first hand our experiences and challenges before the training event. This session genuinely felt bespoke to our team.
— Sandra, support worker

Upcoming Training

New Study into Employer's Beliefs about Traumatic Brain Injury

We are conducting some new and exciting research along with the University of Portsmouth on employer's beliefs about brain injury. Please take part if you can!